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When we started an autism program for Adrian we started with a PECS board his Special Education teacher had made for home use. Then I started looking into the ipod touch. We bought an iPod touch and then I found a website that had a lot of useful information about apps that I will list below. Read the rest of this entry


Genetic testing

Two years ago in 2009 we started our journey for diagnosis by doing genetic testing. This is the story of what we found.

When I told our pediatrician that we wanted to find out if Adrian had autism he said Susan I have seen other children with autism throughout my career and if Adrian is autistic he would be high functioning. I did not argue with that, but knew something was not right and if this was it Adrian, my husband and myself had the right to know.
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Adrian’s dad

Taken from my Wonderful Things post: Loves being with his dad finally! That’s a story for another post. Here is that story:

We had had a child almost three years earlier a daughter we named Jade Noelle. She was a spectacularly normal child. I expected for Adrian to have the same ease as his sister had had. I swear now that by two weeks old (probably sooner) Adrian knew there was a difference between his dad and I. Something made our sweet baby son howl every time his dad came near.
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This weekend we attempted our first theater outing in one + years.

Right before Adrian was diagnosed with Autism I attempted to take his sister and him to see Alice in Wonderland at a two room theater. This was Adrian’s first time at this particular theater. I thought it would be okay because it was so small. I should have known better. Read the rest of this entry

Adrian doing one of his favorite activities. Luxor online ;)