Summer and Autism

The kids have been out of school since June 15 and I am waiting on Adrian’s therapist to find him a suitable match for group socialization still.

I had registered Adrian in May for a socialization play group. I have called several times only to be told that they are waiting for a suitable match. I am not sure what is going on so I will have to call again Monday.

For the most part Adrian has been using electronics this summer. He calls any electronic his technology and gets extremely upset if he is not allowed to use them. These electronic technologies consist of the computer mostly. He first learned how to use a computer at 2. We bought our first one in 2006 right before Adrian’s second birthday. It did not take long before he wanted to use the computer and I started finding games for him to play. I was amazed by this!! My two year old who could not speak or write a single letter who had just started walking was learning to use a computer. We did not know of Adrian’s Autism then. I had not heard that some children excel in some areas and not in others.

I am getting used to the idea that while my son can use a computer amazingly well he can not tie his shoes or ride a bike. While he knows almost every color in Spanish and several other words he has problems saying English words correctly. While other children our interacting with others he would rather be alone with his electronics. We have moments where he asks for help while playing. There are so many expectations to adjust when one has a child with autism. I was not really sure where I began but slowly my opinions started to change as did my expectations. My son is wonderful and whoever he turns out to be will be wonderful!!! I have hope and faith 😉

Here is a link to an article on iPad communication and Autism. Take a few minutes to read it! I found it to be interesting and informative. I hope you do too!!



About The Spectrum Mom

I am mom to two amazing children!! Jade my oldest is ten and Adrian is 7. My life happens to have one beautiful blessing in disguise the chance to be a mom to a child on the Autism Spectrum. Adrian was diagnosed with PDD-NOS on May 28, 2010 shortly after his sixth birthday. Since the start of our lives on the spectrum I have read books, watched numerous programs, found therapists, tried to navigate the public school system and special education. Looked into special diets (Adrian is currently on GFCF and we have seen tremendous improvement) and tried various medicines to help him. In addition to ASD Adrian also is diagnosed with ADHD and a seizure disorder BRE. This blog will mostly be about ASD and my life caring for Adrian.

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