Nighttime Terror

My son is a Nighttime Terror. Last night while my daughter was asleep my son was in the hallway screaming and yelling that he did not want to go to bed. Since school let out on June 14 he has been pushing my buttons and making nighttime very unpleasant.

Last night he woke up his his sister who could not get back to sleep. Until 2 am. Well after Adrian fell asleep. If the kids are not asleep I do not sleep. There are too many things to worry about already. I don’t need to be worried about what they’ll do if I’m asleep while their awake. This causes everyone to sleep in. No matter how late I set my alarm for I never seem to get up when it goes off. If I do I seem to drift off again. I am always awake before the kids though who would sleep till noon if I let them.

This also causes some tension between my husband and I who works third shift and likes to go to sleep at between 8 and 9 am. If I am asleep at 8 or till 9 because I was up till 2 or 3 am it interferes with his sleep. My husband gets pretty grouchy when he does not get enough sleep and let’s just say he’s pretty grouchy lately.

Adrian affects every person in our household whether it’s Jade being woke up, me being kept up, or my husband being sleep deprived.

The more I read about other mothers story’s I find that sleep at night is a big problem! I have thought about putting Adrian on Melatonin, but he is already on Keppra, Valium, Metadate cd, Prevacid, and Zyrtec. Those are enough drugs for anyone child. Besides I think his nighttime terror issue has more to do with the schedule change than anything else.

He has had difficulties with sleep since he was a baby though. Any change or mood swing would send him into insomnia. The longest episode was Six months when he was two. I spent those nights much as I do now. Reading books, watching cartoons and rocking while singing. Eventually he would grow tired and fall asleep usually on his floor.

Lately I have spent my night and early morning watching WALL-E. I don’t mind that my son watches the same movie over and over again or that he hears the opening song and starts singing ” and we won’t come home until we’ve kissed a girl.” Then he exclaims that he’s kissed a girl before. His sister Jade. He then laughs.

This it what makes all the craziness worth it. That laughter is like gold. He does not laugh often so when he does I treasure it. We don’t hear I love you’s or answers to questions or a lot of eye contact but when those moments happen they make everything we go through worth it 😉



About The Spectrum Mom

I am mom to two amazing children!! Jade my oldest is ten and Adrian is 7. My life happens to have one beautiful blessing in disguise the chance to be a mom to a child on the Autism Spectrum. Adrian was diagnosed with PDD-NOS on May 28, 2010 shortly after his sixth birthday. Since the start of our lives on the spectrum I have read books, watched numerous programs, found therapists, tried to navigate the public school system and special education. Looked into special diets (Adrian is currently on GFCF and we have seen tremendous improvement) and tried various medicines to help him. In addition to ASD Adrian also is diagnosed with ADHD and a seizure disorder BRE. This blog will mostly be about ASD and my life caring for Adrian.

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