Taking Breaks…

I have to say so far I am very found of each of my son’s teachers this year. Both have been extremely understanding and not harsh in anyway. Completely the opposite of how I felt about one of his teachers last year.

Adrian went kind of wild yesterday. Every teacher he works with this year went to a conference for Autism. Adrian has not eloped in several months or even made an attempt to elope. Yesterday he ran away from the classroom more than once. I asked if he was given breaks? I explained that he loves to walk when he is stressed. We often walk or run through our home to relieve his stress. He enjoys walking outside on occasion. He is not really an outdoors kid by any means. He would rather be on any electronic than outside, honestly. We know this so we do not force him to go outside, but we do engage him in whatever he may be doing. His teacher assured me he was being given breaks. Then she said she would like him to get more independent about asking for breaks.

At this point I was a little confused. I had been told by his teachers in previous years that he asks for breaks when he needs them. Then I figure he must not have felt comfortable with this substitute teacher or she told him no. Knowing my son if she told him no his instinct would be to do it anyway. He has a hard time with  the word no. He always has. So then I find out the same substitute will be there tomorrow because his teacher will be gone then too. She has made him a social story about substitute teachers and not running away. He is to make good choices. I hope he does!!!

I know it has got to be difficult for a substitute to come in and try to teach my resistant child. I am hoping she understands that change is difficult for him and he does not adjust well and surely never will in one afternoon. I think I ought to send his favorite fidget with him. At least only one teacher will be gone tomorrow instead of all of them. I will probably receive an email on Monday telling me how he did. I applaud teachers who take time out of their busy days to let me know how my child is doing!!!

I just wish there were more to go around. It seems like every other day I am hearing something about mistreated Autistic children. School staff ought to know and be trained better!! I hope and pray for progress in the future. No child deserves to be abused because they are differently-abled.


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