Weighted Blankets

I have been debating purchasing a weighted blanket for Adrian since the psychologist who diagnosed him suggested we purchase him one. That was in April 2010. I had been researching and asked my children’s pediatrician what he thought in August 2011. It took me awhile because I had know idea who i should purchase a blanket from and if our insurance would cover it. I found out that our insurance company would possibly cover such an item if it was a medical necessity. We would need a letter from Adrian’s pediatrician stating why he medically needed a weighted blanket. I received the letter in August. We received a letter back from our insurance company denying our request. According to them weighted blankets have not been researched well enough to be deemed a medical necessity. It was stated that weighted blankets are experimental but that I should feel free to send them any research I find on the matter.

Sensorygoods.com is a site that I know and trust. We have ordered super chews and a neoprene vest from their company before. Adrian’s blanket arrived in three days. Not bad when shipping from Arizona to Michigan. 20111027-103907.jpg

The next week we ordered Adrian a weighted blanket. It arrived the following week and I put it to the test by washing it in my non commercial washer. I was pleasantly surprised. I had no problems. The weighted blanket took along time to dry however. I expected that though. I had this fear that somehow a weighted blanket would get damaged through washing and drying. That I would find small holes everywhere upon washing it because of the weight. That did not happen.

Adrian arrived home from school that day and saw the blanket. He ran to it and said it’s Mater and Lightening McQueen. He loves Cars and the color Brown so the blanket was a perfect fit. I asked for 7 pounds of weight because Adrian is 45.5 pounds and Sensory Goods recommends 10% of the child’s body weight plus 1 pound. I added a pound because Adrian loves deep pressure. At bedtime that night I made sure he had the weighted blanket on him along with Favorite Teddy Bear.

I was amazed!! I went to check on him 15 minutes later and he was asleep. Adrian has always been a horrible sleeper. It takes a lot for him to fall asleep and most nights when he feels like being read to it’s 4 or 5 story book nights then 30 minutes of tossing and turning, finally sleeping and then waking in the middle of the night. I dealt with his crabbiness all summer long. His refusing to go to bed or going to bed and then waking up at 2 am. I was having a hard time in general and he was miserable. This sleep after 15 minutes has happened every single night since he received the weighted blanket. My husband was also shocked exclaiming “I have never seen him fall asleep so fast.” I nodded in agreement.

Now that Adrian is safely in slumber mommy is having difficulty sleeping and staying asleep. A couple more weeks and I should be adjusted I just hope he does not readjust. That was my main concern when deciding to purchase a weighted blanket. Would it really help and for how long? Adrian received his blanket on Wednesday October 26. I will know in three months from that date. He cycles every three months. His interests change, his behaviors change, he often has regression issues. We are in a regression stage right now where he has lost some of what he learned six months ago. He just started going through regression in August. Hopefully the skills come back to him. We keep teaching him the skills regardless.

In time I will see how well the weighted blanket works for him. For now he loves it and it does help him sleep wonderfully. Thank goodness for companies like Sensory Goods who make affordable therapy items for families like ours.


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