Saturday November 4 we attempted a family outing. The last attempt was a great success to see Cars 2. We do not do family outings other than grocery shopping very often. Crowds are very difficult for Adrian. Anything unlikely occurring can trigger a meltdown of massive proportions…

It started like this…
On Friday I went to pick Adrian up from his bus early due to a half day. While picking him up Adrian’s bus driver mentioned that Adrian said he was going bowling today at Northway Lanes on November 4. We had no plans to bowl. I asked Adrian what he was talking about and he said Ms. Carter came to school to talk to him about bowling.

I asked my husband about taking the kids bowling on Saturday. We had to get a ride because the man can’t drive right now. Aunt Rebecca and our niece Nora came with us. We went to the bowling alley he had went to on a field trip last year. We got shoes and paid. The guy gave us lane number 43. Then we had to switch lanes because of a bowling tournament. Steve said prepare for a meltdown. So we got ready. Transitions even small ones like lane changes would have cause a meltdown last year. This year not at all 🙂

I loved seeing Adrian so happy!! He was jumping up and down when we got strikes and cheering for everyone. We had one upset when I didn’t catch him fast enough and he tried to run down the lane because we told him it was time to go home. He fell on his bottom. After we got home Daddy made a huge breakfast for dinner feast and we ate. It was a huge success.

The whole experience really brought me back to where we were last year when we went bowling. Adrian was a flight risk and tried to wander off several times in the two hours we were at the bowling alley. He had several meltdowns while waiting for his turn and was generally unhappy. Since then I have been enforcing a lot of rules I did not have before and we have been working on waiting, turn taking, self calming skills, asking for what you need, and using your words. It is so amazing to know he has made such great progress and I can only hope that things get better.



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