Christmas Is Near….

This is always my favorite time of year. We celebrate big usually with three Christmases. One for My side, One for the Husband’s side and One all to ourselves. This Christmas will not be so Merry. We lost my husbands father on December 8 and it is way too fresh to feel like much of a celebration. I have spent the last couple of weeks explaining to Adrian why people are not here anymore and that there is no Magical man in a big red suit with flying reindeer and a sleigh. He is going to most likely ask where his Grandpa on Christmas or say something like my Grandpa is in Heaven and everyone will gasp and I will have to explain again to Adrian which I do not mind at all.

About Santa Claus however I care very much. Adrian my sweet boy believes just about anything anyone tells him and when he can not see tangible evidence he becomes upset quickly. In the past we have taken him to see a Santa Claus We will not this year. He believes there is a magical fat man in a red suit who has flying reindeer and a big sleigh. He has been talking about being on the nice list and how Santa and his Reindeer will bring him Christmas Presents. Well I agree that for most kids this concept is okay for mine it is not. He will want to see a Santa Claus and Flying Reindeer and the whole nine yards. Impossible for me to produce. I am starting to dread this season for that reason. Kids at school, people everywhere celebrate Santa. I am not sure how I explain to a kid who does not understand that somethings are pretend. For now he has seemed to drop the subject and I for one hope he lets it go.

We will not be celebrating Christmas with my side of the family this year. After the train wreck that was Thanksgiving I don’t think I could survive Christmas too. We will be with my husband’s family though and it will be bittersweet. We will open presents at 6:00 am with our children Christmas Day like always too. I may cook also. I am not sure yet. Will see how things go. I am looking forward to seeing our children hopefully happy on Christmas Day.

This year we bought Adrian an iPad 1. I am looking forward to helping him download his favorite apps and explore apps he has not yet used. I think he will be excited. I am excited to see what he can do. We bought the iPad with a single goal in mind. Adrian has great difficulty writing even scribbling is a difficult task for him.

I usually buy art supplies in bulk just before school lets out for break. This year I only bought the bare minimum. Two packs of crayons and a huge pad of paper for Jade. Jade is our little artist . She will draw for hours and is constantly creating elaborate colorful patterns. Adrian has had the same Curious George coloring book for two years now. Last night we set out coloring items. Jade went to the table and asked Adrian to come with her. After some hesitation he followed. He watched as Jade drew shapes and colored them in. Finally we saw him take interest in his coloring book. He opened it found a page and colored for two minutes. He looked at us and showed us what he had done. My husband said that’s wonderful Adrian, you should color more often.

I am sure his muscles get tired and that fact distracts him from enjoying the simplest things such as coloring. I do not think it will be so difficult for him with an iPad. He will still need to grip but will not have to push nearly as hard. I have been grabbing every iPad app that allows for coloring or writing that I can find. I am sure he will make good use of them. We will also use the
iPad for visual scheduling. I can not wait to see how much fun he has.

I want to wish all of my readers A Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays if you prefer and A Happy New Year. Here’s hoping 2012 is better than 2011 was!!


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