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Autism Month

It ‘s April! For all of us Autism parents that means its a month to help our special children celebrate themselves and raise awareness for Autism.

Here in our home Autism doesn’t come for one month out of every year. Autism is in our lives every moment of every day. I have two absoultly beautiful children. Autism effects us all but my youngest is the one who will have to figure out how to live in a world where everyone finds him to be “different”. As his parent it is my job and greatest privilage to help him navagigate the world in a way that makes sense to him.

I do not push him to make friends, keep quite, never stim, or toilet train on anyones terms but his own. I am here simply to help him. He’s a pretty smart kid, he gets everything in his own time.

We never thought he would speak. Give him a therapist he proved us wrong after six months. We never thought we’d see the day when he would be able to function without having two to eight meltdowns a day. An Occuptional Therapist helped show us how to calm him and what could trigger meltdowns. We were never sure if he could form an attachment to his dad it is so strong now I amost don’t remember a time when it wasn’t. Our son has proved to others as well as his parents that he is unstoppable. No matter what the challange he, with help, pushes through.

I am all for raising awareness. We have a bumper sticker, blue light, t-shirts and will answer any question you ask to the best of our ability. That being said Autism lives here daily and should be talked about daily. I will never stop trying to get people to understand. My son is a person like everyone else. He has thoughts, feelings, emotions. He can show great kindness and empathy. He has struggles image

like everyone, good days and bad ones too. He laughs, cries, tickles, plays. He may not do so the same as a “typical” child would because he has to think twice as hard before he does something and he will often need someone to show him how. This does not make him less, just a little different!

While your lighting your bulbs and spreading awareness this month please think about all the children and adults you know who are not less, but a little different. In spreading awareness you are helping every person with Autism become a little bit more understood for that I Thank you!