Summer is here!

Yesterday was Adrian’s First Grade Classrooms Celebration Ceremony. Steve and I went to school to see Adrian. I told Adrian we would be there at 9:45 and we would not be bringing his iPad with us. We arrived at 9:47 because the parking lot was packed and it took longer to get in then we expected. Adrian was using the restroom when we arrived. He was agitated. He always is when we are in crowds. Most of the parents and grandparents showed up. Too many people in the room for Adrian.

Mommy and Adrian took a break in the hallway. His teacher called his name for an award and we went back in the classroom. Adrian got a Word Maniac Award and a Reading Award. He excels in reading and spelling he always has. Then we were asked to wait in the hallway for an award which was for the First Grade Class as a whole. Adrian did not want to participate. We took another time out. The whole time he was asking for his iPad.

Since he has received it in December he has gravitated towards that iPad. Before we purchased the iPad he was the only person who could get on our home computer. Letting someone else use the computer was a pain in the rear. We would have meltdowns of massive proportions. We tried to set rules and have him.follow them. Sometimes it worked well other times not so much. His iPad does not cause these types of problems unless his sister tries to steal it. He knows the iPad is his and no one is allowed to use it without his permission. We give him time to use it after school. He knows he has to behave or he loses it for 30 minutes. I have pasted a link to where we bought his. We got him an iPad 1.Refurbished iPad deals.

Now that summer is here I plan to use apps like See.Touch.Learn Pro by Brain Parade See.Touch.Learn Pro, Teach Me: 2nd grade by 24×7 digital,LLCTeach Me: 2nd grade, and SpaceBoard digital workbooks by NeoLithix,LLC SpaceBoard digital workbooks to work with him and help him get ready for Second Grade. The last two apps I mentioned have grade levels starting at preschool. I did a lot of lessons with him during the last part of Christmas break to see how much he could handle at once. He does pretty well for 30-45 minutes at a time. We’ll see how it goes…

I thought I was going to have to fund raise to get an iPad for Adrian to use at school but I won’t need to because the Eastern Service Unit that is in charge of Special Education needs in our district has agreed to purchase the newest iPad and an otterbox case for Adrian to use while at school. I pray it actually happens. My child who almost never interacted with anyone before will ask his dad, sister, and I to help him with games and chooses to play math games often which I believe has helped in school. The iPad allows us to interact with Adrian in a way that just was not possible before. It has been the best possible tool for Adrian so far. If he can have such
success here at home I am hopeful that as long as he doesn’t feel threatend or forced he can have the same success interacting with peers at school. I got my first glimpse of how well this could work when I left Adrian in the resourceroom yesterday after the celebration with my iPod touch. There were three other children in the room and they gathered around Adrian while he played an app. I am not sure what else happened but when we left he was talking to kids about Where’s My Water?. His IEP states that he has only talked to another child without being prompted 3 times the entire school year. One iPod and he’s tell kids all about Where’s My Water? That’s definetly promising :). It also will make his writing tasks a lot easier with Microsoft Word instead of a labelmaker. I can not wait to hear how well he does next year. School ended today June 12 and begins September 4. I have a little wait to see. I hope it all works out!


About The Spectrum Mom

I am mom to two amazing children!! Jade my oldest is ten and Adrian is 7. My life happens to have one beautiful blessing in disguise the chance to be a mom to a child on the Autism Spectrum. Adrian was diagnosed with PDD-NOS on May 28, 2010 shortly after his sixth birthday. Since the start of our lives on the spectrum I have read books, watched numerous programs, found therapists, tried to navigate the public school system and special education. Looked into special diets (Adrian is currently on GFCF and we have seen tremendous improvement) and tried various medicines to help him. In addition to ASD Adrian also is diagnosed with ADHD and a seizure disorder BRE. This blog will mostly be about ASD and my life caring for Adrian.

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