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Wandering Common & Scary; Research & Guidance Needed (via Autism Speaks Official Blog)

An Important topic for any parent with a Special Needs Child. We do all we can to make sure our son does not wander but I can not help feeling that it’s never enough.

Wandering Common & Scary; Research & Guidance Needed The first major study on runaway behavior among children with autism confirms that it is both common and extremely stressful for families. Yet relatively few families are receiving professional help or guidance. These insights are among the preliminary results of the IAN Research Report: Elopement and Wandering, a project of the Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Interactive Autism Network (IAN) funded by Autism Speaks, the Autism Science Foundation, an … Read More

via Autism Speaks Official Blog


Support Groups

Yesterday I posted a comment on a support group I belonged to on Facebook. I believe it had the word Shit in it although I can not be positive because it was removed from the group and I did not save it to post here as I planned to. That being said I decided to delete myself from this group and not have anything more to do with it. The post was on something I had read yesterday at that Pissed me off so much I compelled me to post. Read the rest of this entry

Carolines Cart

Drew Ann and David Long are founders of Parent Solution Group, LLC. They have made it their goal to create a cart that will allow children with a disability to participate in shopping trips. This cart is a wonderful idea!!! Read the rest of this entry


This weekend we attempted our first theater outing in one + years.

Right before Adrian was diagnosed with Autism I attempted to take his sister and him to see Alice in Wonderland at a two room theater. This was Adrian’s first time at this particular theater. I thought it would be okay because it was so small. I should have known better. Read the rest of this entry

Stages of grief after autism diagnosis

Accepting the Diagnosis of Autism
Receiving a diagnosis of Autism can seem overwhelming. You may be left with a lot of unanswered questions about the diagnosis. You might be thinking the diagnosis is wrong. This cannot be happening to your child. There are different feelings and emotions you will experience when dealing with a diagnosis of Autism. Here are some of the ways you might be feeling, and ways to come to terms with the diagnosis. Read the rest of this entry