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Allergies Part Two

We received a call from Adrian’s Pediatrican’s office the next day to tell us he is also allergic to trees and mold. When I asked what trees he was allergic to specifically the nurse said too many to name every single one as far as I can tell Ms. Treptow. He is not allergic to dogs or cats though we know you were worried about that she continued. We were in fact worried that Adrian’s allergy trigger was our Lab Brooke whom we love to pieces but would have been gone in a heart beat had he been allergic.

We have been dealing with allergies since Adrian was a baby red cheeked and eczema flared. His symptoms progressed to wheezing attacks much like asthma and bouts of conjunctivitis that has no end.

Over the last month we have been to the  pediatricians three times and an ER twice all for Adrian’s allergy symptoms. The last ER we visited was this week and the physician Dr. Duncan diagnosed Adrian with RAD Reactive Airway Disease. When Adrian is exposed to too much of one allergen his lungs react and start to shut down. Wheezing occurs and he has an extremely difficult time breathing. After a breathing treatment, X-ray and dose of Prednisone we were sent home with two scripts one for a Albuterol inhaler and another for five days worth of Prednisone.

He will probably need an inhaler for every spring from now on we were told. My husband has had asthma since childhood so we are well versed In all things inhaler related. Neither of our children have ever had an attack as severe as this one. Neither has asthma but both have allergies. I think we will just have to be more careful in the future.


Allergies Part One

Today I got a call from Adrian’s Pediatrican’s office. We took him to the hospital’s lab on Saturday May 12 to do Blood Allergy testing. WalnutsThe food allergy part of his testing came in today. He is allergic to Five foods. Wheat, Corn, Soy, Peanuts, and Walnuts. The last one surprised me. I never would have suspected Walnuts because to my knowledge Adrian has never had any products with Walnuts.

This will bring this blog in a new direction as we navigate how to eat allergy free. We already eat Wheat free. Everyone in this house loves Corn though. We grow Corn in our garden and we’ve already planted twelve plants. Adrian will not be eating corn obviously. My husband was a little mad because we have planted more corn than the three of us who can eat corn will eat. We will be giving it away.

Tacos will be particularly hard to substitute. We replaced Wheat tortilla’s with Corn tortilla’s when we went GFCF. That is not an option now. I found a great alternative to Peanut butter it’s called sunbutter and it’s made of Sunflowers. Steve said we should try Apple butter.

Going to the grocery store was a pain in the rear. We did end up buying Sun Butter. I looked into Apple Butter but it is made with one of his allergens. We thought maybe Nutella but nope because it has one small Soy ingredient and when I gave him some he had a reaction. Probably his biggest loss has been popcorn. He loves it but is allergic to Corn so it went bye bye.

Autism and Allergies

We have been battling allergies since Adrian was a baby. Those red ruddy cheeks that look wind burnt constantly, the nose that runs, coughs that last for weeks….



What I didn’t know then is that these are all signs of food allergies. I always thought those signs were of seasonal allergies. Adrian has tried various medications to help ease his allergies and none have worked well so far.

Today after three weeks of Sinus Infections and Allergy Conjunctivitis we decided to take him in to be seen for the third time in three weeks. He appears to be doing okay for now. We tried Allegra for a week and a half and it did nothing. He will start flonase this week. Did I mention how much fun I had giving him two different types of eye drops?  Yep it was wonderful!

He does not get the red cheeks anymore since we started the GFCF diet for him but Eczema is a nasty business. That has not gone away. He gets at least two sinus infections every year. Along with the flonase we have decided to have him tested for allergies. I hope to have the results in two weeks. Until we find something that works I have been giving him Benedryl. It doesn’t do much but it seems to help a little.

Autism seems to bring on a variety of symptoms for the person. In all my son has had GI issues diagnosed as GERD which greatly improved with a Gluten Free Casein Free Diet (GFCF), a seizure disorder which has been managed by two Antiepliptec drugs, Kidney disease, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, severe allergies that cause eye and sinus infections and probably several other issues we do not know of yet! Autism from my perspective is a group of issues connected to cause chaos on the body. We just have to figure out what works to help Adrian’s body.

Adrian had his blood allergy testing done yesterday (Saturday May 12) we are expecting results within two weeks but up to six weeks. He did extremely well with having his blood drawn and three vials taken. He will be tested for pet dander which is important because we have a highly shedding lab, pollen,  mold, and food allergies. We are not sure if his suspected wheat and milk sensitivities will show on the test because a lot of times with a child who has autism they do not but it was worth a try.

He started his new allergy medicine this morning (Sunday May 13) it is a generic of floconase. He did well. I wasn’t sure since it needs to be inhaled nasally. We will see how well it works…