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January 11, 2012

Today has started as a nervous anxious day! I received a phone call this morning from Adrian’s bus driver asking if I would be okay with him riding on a new bus without a carseat and just a plain seatbelt for the morning only. There was no other bus that could pick him up this morning. I understand they have been short bus drivers because of personal reasons. It is just really scary for us.

Last year during Kindergarten 2010-2011 Adrian started the school year in a regular seat belt. Not good! He was removing the buckle and getting up and wandering around the bus. We did not know at the time. Then one morning I noticed that it looked like he was laying on his stomach on the bus. I called the Special Education Director to report what I had seen and ask what was to be done about it. Adrian was promptly put in a built in car seat after that.

He returned home that day in one piece. His bus driver assured me there had been no incidents of unbuckling. My son is growing, changing, maturing. When we first started I was unsure of so many things, now sometimes I still am but Adrian shows me in every thing he does that he will be okay. I can only be a helicopter parent for so long. With kids like ours the lines of can he/she do this, do they need help with that blurs. I know I still do a lot of things for my son that he can do himself and sometimes that’s okay but other times I need to step back. It’s a delicate balance.

If I see he is struggling though the Mommy in me takes over and he never wants for anything. I would do the same for my oldest too if she let me! She always lets me know when to back off. I hope he will too when he’s ready….


Autism and Sick Days

This past Friday night Adrian started coming down with some sort of virus. He was coughing and had a lot of congestion and a stomach ache.

You can not tell with him when he is sick. He does not whine or sleep all the time like Jade is known to do. He wants to be up and moving around. Not even sickness stops this kid…

I have one main rule when my children are home sick from school they are not allowed on the computer at all. Adrian stayed home from school Monday October 24 and Tuesday the 25. Adrian is computer crazy. He was desperately seeking a Netflix fix so I allowed him to bring the iPod to his bedroom both days and he was allowed 30 minutes of wii time yesterday. He is so electronically inclined. If he is not allowed some sort of privilege he would go mad. We would be in meltdown mode all day for two days straight…

Which brought me to mom’s new rule: you are allowed an Ipod as long as you are resting in bed. No running, jumping, spinning, or computer time. Well surprisingly he followed that rule well.

My husband brought home some essentials 7up, Popsicles, and Mucinex kids. I think that is my go to med from now on. After three days of taking 10 ML twice a day the cough and congestion were pretty much cleared up. He still had some stomach upset which caused for the second day home.

Today I sent him off to school and realized I had called his school to inform them of his absence, emailed both his teachers, but somehow forgot to call his bus driver. She informed me this morning that children on the bus had been getting sick both days this week so far…

I was right it was a virus. Now I am just hoping he does not come home with it again. He does not get sick as often as he did when he was younger. Still even given how well he did at home for two days I am hoping he does not get sick again. Right now with no family close by school is the only place where he could get an illness. He is not an outdoor child at all. He hates walking 10 minutes to get on the school bus. We do not have children his age in our area and I am shopping while he and Jade are in school, which I can not even begin to tell you how great that is!!!

It amazes me how much growth Adrian has accomplished. The little boy I knew last year would have screamed and had tantrums until he got his way. Went on the computer or spent all day spinning or jumping or some other activity. He listens without melting because of a 30 minute rule I enforced this year and I am sure his teachers at school are helping immensely. We hardly ever see a meltdown ever anymore.

When we first started our Autism journey after Diagnosis almost 16 + months ago we had never heard the term meltdown before but Adrian had them and frequently. He was frustrated a lot of the time especially when outdoors or in public. I had know idea what Sensory Processing Disorder often referred to as SPD was either. Adrian and mommy have come a long way since the before days. I have learned how to calm him, and how to meet his sensory needs. We are about to receive his first weighted blanket. My goal is to help him sleep but maybe it will work in other mysterious ways too. I’ll let you know…


Tonight while Adrian and I were reading a book at bedtime I started asking him what he thought first grade was going to be like. He has a difficult time with Wh” questions as every IEP he has ever had states. He said he was looking forward to school and playing the Dora The Explorer game in his teachers classroom. I explained to him that he may not always get to play the Dora The Explorer game and that he would need to take turns and share. Then I asked him how he will introduce himself to the other children? He said Hi! My name is Adrian. Then I reminded him what he would ask if he wanted to play with other children and he said would you like to play with me? I said yes that is correct! He loves to hear me say that!!! Then we left it at that.

We talk about this every so often. Adrian like other Autistic children has difficulty connecting with other children. Adults are fine. He will talk to an adult about anything which scare me seriously!!! With children though it is different. He does want to connect and talk to other children he just does not understand how to do so. He has connection problems with his sister too. He will talk to her, but it is strained and he does not ask her to do many things with him. He goes crazy for electronics. Give him a computer, an Ipod, a television, a wii and he is happy. He often talks about technology too. Ever time we have ever had to visit an emergency room he has been fascinated by all of the monitors and overhead lights and since age four has referred to them as technology. Where he learned the word I am not sure.

Tonight at dinner Adrian chose to use some delayed echolalia and his sister quoted him and then said mom that’s out of a book and then she named that book. I responded by telling her that most of the language Adrian uses is from things he hears. I don’t think that he realizes that he does it and that that is the way his brain functions. He picks up whatever speech he needs and uses it in everyday language. Last week I wanted him to pick up his toys and he quoted the first page of The Cat and The Hat Comes Back. It fit his situation and he knew it so he used it. I find him doing this a lot. Someone who did not know him well enough would probably never notice it though.

I am hoping that his knack for memorizing helps in school later on. Right now I am most worried about him being alone on a playground at recess without an aide and not wandering. He had an aide last year in Kindergarten, but since he did not wander at all towards the end of the year he will not have an aide this year. I can not help, but think that is a mistake. Maybe I am being too overprotective and need to let him try it though. I t just bothers me. He also has a problem with overfilling his mouth when he eats and has almost choked on several occasions. That kind of thing bothers me about school because this is his first year going all day and that in itself is a huge change. I suppose I will just have to wait and see what happens….

My son

Adrian is seven years old. Today he looked at me while I was running towards him after hearing him cry ayudame and said mom that rain drop looks like my face. Then he proceeded to remind me about a trip we took to the park in Fruitport where we saw ducks. His mind is amazing and mystical. Read the rest of this entry