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Disorders and childhood

Last month we went to a kidney appointment for our son. I have often wondered since he was diagnosed with Autism whether or not his Renal disease was related to his Autism. We have already found that he has many other conditions that are in part related to Autism.For instance his ADHD. I was just reading a study this week that shows that ADHD and Autism are related. I have posted on this matter already.

His mood disorder seems to be directly related to Autism as well. I can not tell you how many times I have heard other parents say that their Autistic children also have mood issues. Then there is epilepsy. Adrian’s sister also has epilepsy so I expected he would have it as well and sure enough he does.

Auditory Processing Disorder(APD) seems to be another one that some children with ASD and ADHD have. Then there’s Sensory Processing Disorder(SPD). Both of which Adrian has.

I am wondering why all these diagnosis seem to go hand in hand. This question invades my thoughts every time I see some sign of one of my son’s many disorders or the three that my oldest child has.

These disorders interrupt all activity as I listen to my oldest child talk as fast as any person ever could or watch her run or jump. Two normal things that normal children would do but add in a little ADHD and some auditory issues and you have a potential disaster. A child who is so distracted she doesn’t hear or see a vehicle coming. Adrian is ten times worse!!! He has no fear of danger or being hurt so even not being distracted can cause him to walk in front of a vehicle. It is a scary thought for parents everywhere who are raising children with special needs.

Both of my children are also epileptic and that comes with an entirely new set of worries. What if my child seizes while no one is near, what if my child falls while seizing, what if the seize doesn’t stop, did my child take all of their medicine today, do we need a new medicine, will insurance cover this medicine? To worry is to be a parent. That is often how it seems.