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Nighttime Terror

My son is a Nighttime Terror. Last night while my daughter was asleep my son was in the hallway screaming and yelling that he did not want to go to bed. Since school let out on June 14 he has been pushing my buttons and making nighttime very unpleasant.

Last night he woke up his his sister who could not get back to sleep. Until 2 am. Well after Adrian fell asleep. If the kids are not asleep I do not sleep. There are too many things to worry about already. I don’t need to be worried about what they’ll do if I’m asleep while their awake. This causes everyone to sleep in. No matter how late I set my alarm for I never seem to get up when it goes off. If I do I seem to drift off again. I am always awake before the kids though who would sleep till noon if I let them. Read the rest of this entry


Wandering and Waking Up

Adrian the day before he turned three

Yesterday I visited the Autism Speaks blog because of a post on Facebook. I was inspired by reading comments and posts. We have had our own issues with wandering since Adrian was age three. One day in particular was very bad. My husband works for a local foundry. They do a charity stationary bicycle ride every year. My husband decided to do this ride in 2007. Adrian had just turned three. Before Diagnosis, before special school program that helped him speak, before everything. We brought both kids to our local mall where the event is held. Some family members came out to support my husband too. My husband was supposed to be watching Adrian while I rocked our niece. He took his eyes off him for half a second and Adrian was gone. I knew he was fast but not that fast. I went racing towards the security to see if they could help while my husband went the other direction to see if he could find Adrian. He found him in the arms of a women who did not want to give him to my husband until he yanked Adrian out of her arms. This was the one and only time my son has ever wandered without me being glued to him. Once was enough to scare me for the rest of my life. Read the rest of this entry