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I started this post two weeks ago and am now finishing!!

I am feeling frustrated today!!!

Today and for some time now my husband and I have been trying to find the best way to solve a problem.

Our beautiful daughter Jade is turning ten on October 25th. She has been having issues with why Adrian who is seven will not play with her. They are only 28 months apart so. Even so he is in first grade she is in fourth. He has an Autism Spectrum Disorder she does not. There are commonalities between them though. They both have BRE a type of epilepsy, both have ADHD and both have APD Auditory Pocessing Disorder. That and they love playing the computer.

Adrian like many other children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder has many problems interacting with people his own age. It is baffling to see him try interact. He wants to speak to other children badly but does not know how. I think that is the major issue with his sister. She try’s to interact but in ways he does not understand. She is always trying to get him to play Thomas UNO and he tried once but did not understand and lost interest. One thing he loves is wii sports. I am always trying to get Jade to join him for wii sports. He gets so frustrated with her though because she takes everything over and tries to run whatever they are doing. Needless to say he does not do well with her taking over. This results in fighting. Both kids are upset and nothing good happens.

My husband and I try to anticipate these fights and seperate the kids before things become too difficult. This is the most difficult part for us right now. Finding a way to navigate between both our kids. I think it is probably a common issue for any parent and even more difficult when have one or more children with special needs.