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Calendars and Autism

This past two weeks my kids like most have been on break from school!

The first week Adrian was sad! He talked about his teachers and the things he was missing at school. We had received a calendar from Disney Movie Club with our last purchase for the year 2012. The calendar has Disney characters as a boarder. I decided to try something new. As Adrian will tell you he is a kid obsessed with dates, times, and not to be forgotten numbers as he so often reminds me. I took the calendar and marked all the important dates for school on it and taped it to his bedroom wall.


Now if I ask him what day he goes back to school he will say Tuesday January 3, 2012. When he saw what I had done he said “Thank you for putting a calendar on my wall mom”. He loves to look at the calendar and see which day is next. I have been told by every teacher he has had that calendar time is very important to him.

I have used his love of calendars for my own mommy purposes! We plan for weeks when he has doctor appointments, dentist appointments or hospital stays. When there is a change and i can tell him what to expect and on what day he is more cooperative and does not have a meltdown. For example I had to come to school to pick him up early a few times this past three months because his sister had dental visits. I reminded him everyday for a week each time that he was not going to ride the bus home and that mommy would be picking him up from school. Every time where he would have instantly melted before, because moms don’t belong at school, he was completely fine and yelling mommy with his big goofy grin!!

He has made such great improvements from staff at school helping him and mommy tweaking everything I can possibly to fit specifically him. Our latest adventure will be learning through iPad. I’ll write more on that later. Thank you for reading and I wish you the same great progress with your kids! Happy 2012 🙂